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Ugh insta is cancerous, getting about as bad as FB. Hope you can find people who will take the time to know you without some staged photographs. As someone that's looking for a serious relationship, it's pretty miserable. If I'm not getting ghosted, I'm meeting people who are only interested in open or poly relationships. I'm a gay man living in Vallejo, it seems to me that the bridge is a hard line barrier to most people. As soon as they find out I live and work in Vallejo area they disappear. Where I came from, it was nothing to drive minutes to see someone for a date but we were far and few between.

Other than that I didn't go out and seek a partner due to my own shyness and internet made that easier.

I was upfront about what I wanted and the best you can do sadly is hope whoever you're meeting are doing the same. It definitely sucks but it's worth it if you can find the right person! Where you live is definitely within the Bay Area is a factor. In my experience, girls in SF do not want to date a guy outside of the city, unless maybe they work in East Bay and are willing to expand to there or something along those lines. People are welcome to their preferences and many don't have cars, but some people can be over the top with it. If you're tall, you'll want to list your height.

This most recent time currently monogamous with a great girl I met on Bumble , it seemed like they cared more about height than literally anything else non-height looks, career, interest One girl I chatted with unmatched when I told her I'm 5'8''. It's rough out there, but even this most recent run was not too different in terms of making connections than when I was in Philadelphia, just a little more discouraging. Last two GFs have been from here. Not sure what use this anecdotal information is for you, but that's my experience. I honestly don't know.

I think in general, guys are willing to put up with much more hassle to find a good match, tho.

An attractive girl will get so many matches that she can be more picky about location. Sorry to hear that. Have you tried meeting in the middle somewhere? Of course, that's only gonna work for so long It is an hour from SF, but they should also already know where you are on bumble or at least know it's far from SF on tinder. Odd to swipe right if you don't think it will work logistically. I'm male and in a happy serious relationship now but it took me over 4 years of online dating to meet my gf and during those 4 years prior I lived in 2 countries and 3 major cities.

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Out of all that I've met maybe 7 or 8 people in person only and just a date or two with each. In SF alone I've only ever met 3 people in person likely because I spent the most time here. Generally speaking with online dating most people are flakey or ghost sometimes even before meeting them in person. I've had great essay length messaging conversations with people and then they just disappear without a trace.

In SF in particular I just felt even more ignored than usual. Of all three major cities I've lived in I had it the hardest here. Lots of people with high standards and very little time. I'm also rather short and a minority, which probably doesn't help. Unfortunately, I've seen women put this on their profile "What do you call a guy who is shorter than 5'11"?

Pretty shitty. I can tell you that after 4 years of failure with online dating it changes the way you think about it. You can get super tainted or demoralized. One thing to remember is to not let it fester in your mind too much. Over time I cared less about matching and that made me so much happier without that stress on my mind. Even more so when I finally deleted the apps but that's because I finally met someone.

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But what happened was I transitioned into a mentality of just letting whatever happen happen. I became more casual with my approach. I didn't overthink things as much. I met my now gf on OKC by casually messaging her first a simple question. This time I did get a reply fortunately and it happened to work out that we both have a lot in common and were actually serious about looking for a partner. So the best advice I can give you is to not dwell on it too much, don't over think it, don't give up but keep trying while spending less time on the apps. Maybe just check it once a day unless you are communicating with a person.

I'm just here to add to the complaints, dating here is poisonous for guys. Having lived on the East Coast, it's much better out there. Finding dates are way easier outside bay area.

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  8. In all my travels, I randomly swipe great looking people and usually get matches by end of the day. Here on the other hand I think people are a lot more picky with having more males than females here. Mine has a lot of travel stuff since I travel, lots of hiking with pictures of myself in cool places, and Instagram-worthy food pictures. Showing that you are physically active like hiking, biking or going out often is a big plus.

    Be sure to know how to take good pictures, perspective and filter, really. Getting first dates and beyond are another thing though. Also don't "kill" your first dates with unattractive stuff - just focus on the person you're talking to.

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    I play my PS4 a lot which I don't mention and recorded 13, hours on Runescape which I thankfully haven't played in a while now letting me clean up and catch up on fashion trends. Also, I may likely work outside of the country starting in August, but I don't mention it until I know they'd like me enough to commit traveling and touring foreign countries for couple years. Ghosting is bound to happen with some of the dates though - and it's likely not because of you. I grew up in the East Bay, live in SF. I'm not opposed to dating a guy outside of SF.. I'm overwhelmed on the tinder front-- I think i dip into that app maybe once every 3mos?

    I got sick of it after meeting a string of individuals with peter-pan syndrome. There's also a ton of open relationship couples looking for a 3rd female..

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    All things considered, I'm sticking to looking to meet someone through an extracurricular or at a show, basically without intending to. It's been less than easy meeting down-to-earth guys in SF. In the bigger scope of things, i think it's partly because it's a financial risk to move in with an SO in the Bay Area, IME people tend to be really skiddish about next steps once they're in a committed relationship. You might try relocating for a while.

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    I guarantee that the people whining in this sub about the difficulty of finding dates that don't immediately ditch them are not going to flourish in the SoCal dating scene. I haven't gone on a 'proper' date here, but a few months ago I did hit on a local barista and give her my number. The girl lives in a van, and later on she mentioned that she already had a partner. But afterwards she decided she wanted to 'hang out' anyways, so I said sure, sounds fun. I was out for about 6 hours with her, and remember hitting up a few teahouses, going to good vibes, having her show me how to smoke weed in a wooded corner of a parking lot, showing her part of the university, watching the sunset up on a hill, and for the sake of preventing public urination, I made her hold her piss for half an hour so I could take her back to my place for her to pee.

    Some time after she left town for good to go live in a commune.

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    It's a shame okcupid changed their formula or whatever. I thought that was the best way to meet people. Now I used Tinder, which is not quite as hookup oriented as I initially thought. This seems to be the norm around here for many single people. Majority of the single people I know here have very active social lives, and large circle.